Thursday, January 22, 2009

And another trophee!

Jean, one of our third year won a huge contest and reward. It was advertised yesterday in the Bangkok Post:


Published: 22/01/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: Outlook

The Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) and Raimon Land, together with CentralWorld, Zen department store, TK Park, Post Publishing and Dusit Thani Bangkok recently organised a special gala reception for the finals of the ROSL Young Artist of Thailand Competition at Zen Event Gallery, level 8 Zen department store.

Raimon Land CEO Nigel Cornick and the winner of the Young Artist competition, Patcharaporn Arunsirichok.

Inaugurated in 2007, the competition has seen a significant increase in entries in just one year. The first competition saw a total of 144 entries, and the number jumped to 379 in 2008.

ROSL chairman Jim Napier said other than the leaping percentage of participants, this year's entries also have much greater and wider appeal, as well as a number of new entries from the provinces.

Sixty-four finalists were chosen and their artworks were exhibited at Eden Zone, CentralWorld, from January 12 to 19. Among these 64, 12 had been carefully selected for the final round and these artworks will be flown to London to be exhibited at Overseas House, the worldwide headquarters of the Royal Over-Seas League, for a week.

The 2008 winner is Patcharaporn Arunsirichok, a third-year student from Silpakorn University International College, whose oil painting is titled The Residence. She was presented with a trophy, two tickets to London and one week accommodation at Overseas House and a cash prize of 100,000 baht.

Award winning painting ‘The Residence’.

Her work is a picture of a resident building with clothes hung out to dry, displaying the lives of the people residing in this building. "The inspiration came from a particular building I saw a few times when I passed Yaowarat road. Some might say it's nothing but a shabby building, but to me, there are many stories behind it," said Patcharaporn.

She said she had spent an entire week working on this painting. The picture is not a copy of the building that she had seen - it is an imagined building inspired by her visual perception. "I would say I am quite satisfied with how it came out, but if I had more time, I'd love to paint electric wires across the building."

"This is a dream come true and a unique chance for me as a young artist. Thank you to the Royal Over-Seas League and to Raimon Land for giving all young artists in Thailand such an opportunity to showcase our work," commented Patcharaporn upon receiving her trophy from ROSL vice-patron MR Sarisdiguna Kitiyakara.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Noohoy did it!

Noohoy (Phatti Buntuwamit) a second year student surprised everyone in the Multimedia Design department by winning the best prize for a Short Film during the Movie Mania Awards 09 festival. This event organized by Chulalongkorn saw a high number of competitors (more than 126 students submitted their work). For this festival, Noohoy decided to submit his movie ‘Thai 2551’, an experimental documentary about the present political situation in Thailand. Noohoy’s main theme discussed Thailand’s demise due to unresolved political conflict and an unconcerned youth, too busy blinded by video games and consumerism.
Noohoy’s style used strong metaphors (a mosaic of Thai culture: Thai TV soaps, Thai politician, street dogs, Thai food, etc…) along with a sharp editing. His refusal of using voice-overs is also a strong characteristic of his work, following the moto: a picture is worth a thousand words. At the end, Noohoy uses strong images that might disturb the traditional Thai viewer. The purpose was not to shock but as D.W Griffith said: “To make your see”. What Noohoy hopes, like any of us in Thailand, that that we can be as one, again.

The Robot Disaster - Guitars are overrated

This is the music video for The Robot Disaster. Shot in Birmingham in june 2008, completed in december 2008.
This video is a collaboration between Silpakorn University International College students with their teacher. While they were doing an exchange with Birmingham City University, they decided to make a Music Video together using the essence of the city.

Special Thanks to Birmingham City University and BIAD for their equipment and their greenscreen room!

Cinematographer: Juldej Dejnoprat
Storyboard: Ratanachath Saibua and Srinna Assavarat
Photographer and Assistant: Thitiporn Chongjaroenjai
Editor: Gabriel Camelin
Motion Graphics: Gabriel Camelin & Ratanachath Saibua
Directed by Gabriel Camelin

For more informations about the band:

Exchanging more than knowledge...

Birmingham City University does not only offer a double-degree to our multimedia design students but the city of Birmingham has also helped to open our minds…
Last spring while students were enjoying their last week in Birmingham, Aj. Gabriel and some of the exchange students decided to walk around the city centre. After walking out from an art gallery, they saw a photographer taking pictures of a bunch of young lads wearing colourful make-up and posing proudly. After talking to them for a short time, contacts were made, phone numbers and emails exchanged with a laugh. Whilst still in Birmingham the young lads got in touch to discuss a collaboration between our 3rd year students Mint (Mr. Juldej Dejnoprat), Tik (Mr. Ratanachath Saibua), Jojo (Ms. Thitiporn Chongjaroenjai) and Aj. Gabriel Camelin.

The young lads turned out to be in a music band called ‘The Robot Disaster’.
The short-deadline given for shooting a music video for them prompted the team to find some simple visual ideas to fit in with an energetic “punk-electro” song. An industrial part of town was chosen as a natural set and later this was combined with motion graphics.

The shooting was done in 3 days, mostly outside but some parts were shot in Birmingham City University, using their stunning Greenscreen studio.
With the new semester starting, the post-production stayed in stand-by for almost 5 months. After an intensive period of editing and adding motion graphics during the month of December, the project was finally completed and submitted to the band.
We are all now praying that MTV will have mercy on our music video…

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Thai women" gets first prize!

Thai Women: A different portrait... from SUIC Multimedia Design on Vimeo.

"Young Directors" was a contest organized by Event'Asia, a joint-collaboration between the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (IAE) and the Naresuan University (Phitsanulok). The main goal was to collect different documentaries based on Thailand as a country for tourism.

The main conditions was to have a part of the documentary interviewing a person who is related to France (a thai who lived there or a frenchman who lives in Thailand). To achieve this goal, two lecturers from Silpakorn University International College decided to combine students from Vatel who can speak french with students from Multimedia Deisgn who are keen on editing and video making. At the end of August, two teams were ready and working hard on 2 different topics.

Both won the contest with a First and second Prize, it was announced during a cocktail reception on Thursday 13th October 2008.

The first Prize winners: Non, Kay and Mint, (photo M.C/Gavroche)

First Prize: (Video topic : Thai Women )

Ms Tapanee Phongmaykin 'Kay' (3rd year student BBA Hospitality Management)
Mr Chanon Ketsuwan 'Non' (4th year student BBA Hospitality Management)
Mr Juldej Dejnoprat 'Mint' (3rd year student BFA Multimedia Design)

Second Prize: (Video topic : Bangkok Nightlife )
Ms Waraluck Wongwitdecha 'Rung' (3rd year student BBA Hospitality Management)
Mr Ratnachat Saibua 'Tik' (3rd year student BFA Multimedia Design)
Mr Saran Sirikasamsap 'Bank' (3rd year student BFA Multimedia Design)

Thai Women: a documentary about another side of Thailand...

Mint, the man behind the camera...

Multimedia Design student Mint collaborate with Vatel students Kay and Non on a video project promoting Thailand and Thai culture. This is the interview that we posted in our newsletter dated from October.

Kay: Our project’s topic is about Thai women. We think Thai women have something better to offer than what foreigners think. We want to show the talents, abilities, and the way of thinking of Thai women. Women are like jewelry. They are present images of the country. We want to show foreigners that Thai girls are talented and are successful in a variety of careers.

Mint: Yes, we wanted to present 5 unique women, their thoughts and their social life; to show the good side of Thai women to the world. To show that not all Thai woman are sex workers. To show that they can also can be business women, fashion designers, painters, and have a big effect on Thai society.

What was your first feeling when you heard about this Thai/
French video?
The first feeling that came to my mind was a feeling of pride and excitement. Because with this project I can present a part of our culture to other countries, and inform them about how amazing Thailand is.

Kay from Vatel, concerned by the topic...

Can you tell us more about the women from your video?
We went to interview K.Toto, who is an artist. She’s doing Thai graphic art that has an abstract meaning. And also, K. Amm: she’s a fashion designer and she has her own brand.

Non: K.Nit, who is a music composer and sound engineer. She creates jingles for TV advertising and radio, and makes music videos. She belongs to a Thai/English rock band and has already been promoted in the rock music market while she’s only 25 years old. I would like to let other people know that young Thai women can be successful.

K.Pop used to be ‘Miss Thailand Universe’ and now she’s working in the film industry. She is a great support for many documentaries such as DEK-TO and PAK-TAIBARN-RAO. I have to say that my best memory of this project was to meet her. She’s so beautiful, friendly, and talented. We also met K.Natnalin, owner of the Harley Davidson shop. She’s capable of competing in a man’s world. And also she founded her own Photo Magazine. She’s a super star!

Did you learn something new through this experience? Mint: Yes, I have learnt new ideas and new thoughts from the new people that I met. Every one has their own unique style and way of thinking. This lead me to form new thoughts about society and Thai women. Also, this experience helped me to get more experience of shooting and making a documentary. It was both helpful and enjoyable!
I know a lot more people now and understand how they think about Thai women. I learnt how Thai women can be successful and I also learnt how to work with others.

Non in the middle with Rung, Bank on his left and Kay, Tik on his right. during a shooting in Bed Supperclub for the video Bangkok Nights

How was it to work with the other students from the other program?
Mint: It was great. It was a new experience, and I made new friends. My major is about computers. The other students study hospitality, and they can speak French. So each of us has our own skills that can be used together to produce an effective documentary. It was a perfect combination! Kay: It was fun and it felt great to work with other people. I have more friends now. Are you proud of your work? What do you expect to do next, now that it’s done?
I’ m proud of it because at first I didn’t think I could do it, but then I did my best, so I don’t expect anything more.
I am proud of my work. I did my best on this project, and so dido my team mates. I expect that my work will meet the standards required to win this competition. I expect to receive a reward too. But my main hope is that my work is good and that everyone loves it. I have to say that I enjoyed every moment while completing this project.

Aj. Harinala and Aj. Gabriel